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At Custom College Recruiting (CCR) we are proactive FOR you in your college scholarship search. The athletes and families that have trusted in CCR have received over $40,000,000 in potential scholarship and aid towards obtaining a college education. Once upgraded to a Pro account, you will have exposure to the 1,000's of college coaches that trust in CCR evaluations and athletes. Why settle for an overpriced recruiting service that makes you do all the work and does not give you the validation with the college coaches that only CCR can provide.

Maximize Opportunities

Continuous REAL exposure with our network of 1,000's of college coaches

Trusted Evaluations

We provide trusted athletic evaluations of each athlete directly to the college coaches

Eligibility Education

Help understanding the various parts of academic & athletic eligibility 

How It Works

Your College Basketball Recruitment Starts With Us

With Custom College Recruiting's unique process, we gather all your information just as if we were a college coach recruiting you ourself. With the help of our in-house former college coaches, we compile a detailed scouting report trusted by college coaches throughout the United States and Canada. From there, your information is directly distributed to & put in front of our network of 1,000's of college coaches at every level continuously throughout the use of Custom College Recruiting services.

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What our Customers have to say:

Shane Melaugh

“I was All-City, All-State but the offers still just weren't coming in.”

“My senior year I was All-City, All-State but the offers still just weren't coming in. That's when my grandfather connected with CCR. They gathered my film, sent it out to ton of schools across the nation and the response was like immediate. I had a slew of D1 schools, I had tons of Division 1 schools, my phone was just blowing off the hook. That's all thanks to Shane Howard & CCR.”

Chene Phillips
Signed w/ Liberty University (NCAA D1) out of high school; Current professional in Europe

Shane Melaugh

“The amount of college coaches who can access my kids' profiles is crazy”

“After the first day of uploading their highlight reels, we had emails starting to come in straight away from different colleges all around the country wanting to talk to us about giving my kids' opportunities to attend their schools."

Allie Klaman
Parent of two CCR athletes' (One signed w/ Junior College & other committed to D1 school)

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